Case Session: Cannabis Website & Brand Design for Cheeky Monkey™

About the Client

Cheeky Monkey™ started as a concept in 2015, originally developed by two brothers – Johnny and Joshua Furlong, and their long term friend and cannabis expert, Andrew Campbell. Each came from diverse backgrounds: Johnny with a history in marketing and corporate logistics, Josh in real estate and big business management, and Andrew in engineering and horticulture. The original Cheeky Monkeys formed to create a dream team to build a business that changes how cannabis is viewed as a whole.

Founders Johnny & Andrew

Working with a small amount of startup capital, the Cheeky Monkey™ founders built the brand from the ground up – developing their logo, marketing materials, website, business plan and home grown cannabis products and strains entirely in house by our amazing and constantly growing operations team. Their goal being to create a perfect scaling cannabis business model step-by-step.

In the months following, Cheeky Monkey™ continues to grow. They’ve won multiple Cannabis Classic awards, continue to participate in events and have launched the campaign for their first product – the Chi Stick Vape Cartridge.

For Cheeky Monkey™ the aim is high, and we can’t wait to see how far they go!


Our Work – Brand Design

Cheeky Monkey logos

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Our first step with Cheeky Monkey™ was to establish a new brand – one that was designed specifically for a wide audience appeal.

Determined that their original logo design looked too much like a children’s product for a cannabis business, Cheeky Monkey™ set us loose to design a logo that can appeal to everyone – maintaining a fun and adventurous feeling, but with a recognizable sophistication of a national chain.

After multiple rounds of design comps., Colorado 420 Websites delivered a vector (printable anywhere) design set that continues to be the Cheeky Monkey™ brand today.


Our Work – Website Design

After Cheeky Monkey™’s brand was solid, we moved on to graphic design for their website.

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Once again, our design goals were to make sure to hit the middle mark of fun and adventurous meets clean and acceptable for a wide audience of cannabis shoppers from seasoned tokers to beginners just getting a taste.

With Cheeky Monkey™’s goal of becoming the “cannabis aficionado’s brand”, we designed and developed a custom made WordPress site complete with a suite of high-end features.

Currently, this mobile/responsive, cannabis community friendly site has:

  • Hand-tailored design features
  • Custom WordPress administrative back-end for easy updates
  • E-Commerce features for selling merchandise
  • SEO fine-tuned blog + content writing services
  • Password-protected Investors section
  • 21+ age requirement checkpoint

Feel free to visit and join the Cheeky Monkey™ community at:


Our Work – Apparel & Product / Packaging Design

Our final big push to define Cheeky Monkey™’s marketing both online and offline meant focusing on how Cheeky Monkey™ is represented in public.

This required graphic design work to develop:

  • Apparel (t-shirts, polos, hats)
  • A collection of cannabis professional geared printed materials: handouts/flyers, business cards, give-aways, event wristbands
  • Banners and signage for cannabis events and networking
  • A packaging set for their main product – the Chi Stick Cannabis Infused Vape Cartridge.



Wrap Up

Overall, its been an awesome experience helping the Cheeky Monkey™ team grow their business from the ground up. We’re so amazed by the growth of the cannabis industry and we feel truly blessed to work with such hard working, caring professionals like Cheeky Monkey™. We wish them only the highest success!


“Its hard for us to believe that nearly 2 years ago, Colorado 420 Websites and Cheeky Monkey™ met to form one of our most lasting customer relationships since our inception!

We’re extremely proud of the Cheeky Monkey™ team and what we’ve all accomplished for their marketing efforts today and onward.”

-Tom, Owner Colorado 420 Websites


Colorado 420 Websites has been one of our most valued partners. As Cheeky Monkey™ has gone from early startup to now funding, Tom has been an indispensable partner and provider. His customer service is second to none and his talents, eye for appealing design and flow, and knowledge have helped us go from a dream to an almost certain reality.”

-Joshua, Founding Partner, Cheeky Monkey™


Interested in building a brand that speaks a powerful message to the cannabis community just like Cheeky Monkey™? Contact Colorado 420 Websites today!