Oregon City Councilor Opens Cannabis Shop

oregon-farmacyClay Bearnson, a member of the Medford City Council, is the first councilor in Oregon to own a cannabis dispensary. Medford, Oregon, known for its tough stance on legalized marijuana, now has three medical marijuana dispensaries. Bearnson and his partners opened Oregon Farmacy two weeks ago.

Recreational sales of weed have been legal in Oregon since 2014, but voters in Medford will decide in November whether to allow recreational sales in the city.

Elected to office in 2014, Bearnson has advocated removing anti-marijuana laws in Medford that make medical and recreational sales difficult. Bearnson also grows marijuana; His favorite strain at the moment is Snoop’s Dream, which features a mix of the rapper Snoop Dogg’s preferred strains, Blue Dream and OG Kush. His mother, Sue Hefner, is a partner in the dispensary and grows marijuana as well. The Mail-Tribune quoted the councilor, “It’s a family affair. This is 100 percent locally owned and operated.”

If Medford voters approve recreational sales of cannabis along with a local 3 percent tax, Bearnson said he would seek the necessary permits to sell recreational marijuana along with medical marijuana.

Bearnson has been criticized for voting on pot issues before the council. He says now that he has a license to dispense marijuana, he plans to recuse himself from voting on marijuana issues in the future.


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