DEA Approves Colorado-Funded Study on Marijuana and PTSD

cannabis-ptsd-soldierThe Drug Enforcement Agency has given approval for a placebo-controlled clinical trial on marijuana and its efficacy in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. The project is one of nine medical marijuana studies funded by grants from the Colorado Department of Health.

The news is significant for veterans with PTSD. Currently, the Colorado Board of Health has not approved PTSD as one of the qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card, citing a lack of research.

Dr. Sue Sisley, one of the study’s leaders who has spent nearly a decade working for research approval, plans to enroll 76 veterans in the study at clinics in Phoenix and Baltimore. They will test how well smoking marijuana of different strains and potencies treats PTSD. All of the cannabis is being supplied by the federal government’s marijuana farm at the University of Mississippi.

Despite the go-ahead, Sisley warns that the results of the research  may not be published until 2019. Researchers expect to spend the next two years enrolling veterans and updating security in their labs, followed by collecting and analyzing data.


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