Oregon Legalizes Marijuana on Oct. 2, 2015

oregon-legal-cannabisAccording to an article on OregonLive.com, the legal marijuana dispensary doors opened on 8.am. Friday October 2nd 2015 to enthusiastic shoppers in Oregon. One recreational cannabis shop owner was surprised at how many new faces he saw (and by the incredible amount of sales).

“The numbers just blew us away,” said Aviv Hadar, an owner of Oregon’s Oregrown dispensary who boasted a record breaking $55,000 in sales in a single day. Hadar admits that his prices were higher than most to achieve this, but explained it by saying “I know that our product is better, but it is the branding, it’s the logo, it’s the cool factor, the ‘Oh, I have the Oregrown my friends don’t have it.'” We at Colorado 420 Websites fully agree that success for new cannabis businesses will be largely based on their image. In order to compete in the growing legal cannabis industry, shops will learn that marketing is important to cannabis as it is to any modern industry.

With weed legal for recreational sales in Oregon, there are now 245 dispensaries open for legal sales, with more applications on the way.

Congratulations are due to Oregon and all of its voters who voted for full recreational cannabis!


If you own an Oregon cannabis business, its time to compete! Get starting on improving your own branding and contact Colorado 420 Websites today!