Colorado Legal Weed Sales Top $50 Million in June

cannabis-salesAccording to an article published this week in the Cannabist, Colorado legal weed sales in June topped more than $50 million, the highest monthly income for the Colorado marijuana industry to date. The state of Colorado pulled in $60.7 million in tax revenue from legal weed sales in the first six months in 2015. The study cites high seasons of tourism as the largest spikes in weed income (not surprising!).

More than 15% of this tax income is slated to go to new school construction, school upgrades, and infrastructure.

While the state tourism board still wont commit to claiming its due to weed tourism, many in Colorado can plainly see marijuana lifestyle is a big draw in tourism.

Check out the full article on the Cannabist, which features a neat info-graphic explaining a more month-to-month breakdown of Colorado legal weed income and taxes.


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