Colorado Rejects PTSD as Medical Marijuana Condition

PTSD Cannabis useThis week, in a disappointing result to many, the Colorado Board of Health voted 6-2 to reject PTSD as a recognized condition for medical marijuana. Despite a long list of testimonials, board members cited not enough scientific evidence to add PTSD to legal weed.

A dozen of the veterans who testified said cannabis has saved their lives. Many said drugs legally prescribed to them for PTSD at veterans clinics or by other doctors — antidepressants, antipsychotics, opioids and others — nearly killed them or robbed them of quality of life. Recent studies and debates have suggested cannabis specifically to aid in getting patients off prescription drugs that have become addictive.

While this came as a surprise to some, federal restrictions placed on medical marijuana research are partly to blame. One of the state-funded medical marijuana investigators, Sue Sisley, who is looking at effects on veterans’ PTSD, said federal policy on marijuana is why research has been slow. Recently the U.S. government has altered this policy, but it has come too late for this vote.


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