New Cannabis Edibles Rules Roll Out This Week

weed-on-plateStarting as of Monday, February 1st of this year, Colorado’s State Marijuana Enforcement division released its new rules regarding packaging and labeling for cannabis edibles.

Near Halloween at the end of 2014, a large media outcry exploded against cannabis edibles that too closely resembled candy. Organizations like SMART parenting and Project SAM insisted that too many cannabis edibles were appealing to children and would result in mass over-dosing. The reaction may have been extreme, but clearly a disconnect existed between cannabis businesses and consumers. While part of the resolution has been a campaign geared toward personal responsibility via the form of billboards advertising to keep “adult and prescription” products locked away from children, a new labeling restriction policy hopes to aid in preventing serious cannabis edible mix-ups.

Important adjustments to the laws regarding edible cannabis now include:

  • Single-Serving cannabis edibles must now be clearly labeled and contain no more than 10 mg of THC. No more 100mg single serving suckers or Cheeba-Chews.
  • Cannabis edible packaging can include multiple servings that add up to 100mg of THC, but each serving must be clearly marked.
  • Other products (like sodas and other baked goods) can still contain more than 100mg of THC, but must also be clearly marked.
  • If a product contains more than 100mg of THC, instructions on how to consume it must be written on the packaging.

The department of Marijuana Enforcement also released a list of 15 key checkpoints that any cannabis edible label should address. Denver’s the has an article with further details.

While admittedly a huge part of correct cannabis edible dosing and safety will continue to come out of public education, we at Colorado 420 Websites greatly approve of the new labeling restrictions. We encourage safe cannabis consumption by of-age adults and medical patients and agree that part of that is teaching people to use it properly!


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